With JEDI, tracking of JTAC currencies and qualification can be standardized across all nations. This will improve communication within individual nations, and within NATO. JEDI offers a reliable way to access and store data, eliminating the manual work associated with calculating a JTAC’s qualification.

Status: On production

In use by nations


User Group: Joint Terminal Attack Controllers, and all supervisors

The Observation, Collection and Analysis Tool, or “OCAT” allows Observations to be easily recorded by Staff Officers in the field or during a planned exercise within open and/or restricted networks, being deployed locally, it is designed to be used in any environment.

Digital tool accesible on any network environment, that can be deployed offline and online.

Status: On production

Client: JALLC

The AI Content Learning Alerts and Insights Review (AI CLAIRE) is a searchable database of unclassified information pertaining to a vast number of subject matters that scans a wide variety of vetted sources for content.

Unlike searching the world wide web, AI CLAIRE distills relevant information to users in a manner that is easy to scan and alerts users when new information becomes available about a topic they have expressed interest in.

Status: MVP in testing


NI2CE is a freeware, cross-platform, centralized instant messaging and voice-over-IP service owned by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). It allows NATO business users with access to send text, voice messages and video messages, make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other content.

Status: On production

In use by nations

Client: NATO

User Group: NATO business users

A Community and Asset Library for Engineers, Designers, and Marketers of NATO and Allies. Intended to reduce redundant asset creation by sharing within the community.

Status: Prototype

Looking for users

Client: HQ SACT

Domain Served:

  • Simulation / Wargaming

  • Training / E-learning

  • Manufacturing / 3D Printing

  • Marketing / Communications / Graphic Design

File transfer cloud service, built as a spin-off from the Allied Digital Vault product to provide NATO emlopees with a common, safe and reliable platform that can be used also during TDY.

Status: On production

Client: Innovation Hub

User Group: ACT

NATO’s Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) is responsible for live exercises that occur in and near busy shipping lanes. WhiSPR will support the safe execution of MARCOM exercises & operations by providing the shared awareness needed to enable NATO Shipping Centre (NSC) personnel and augmentees to guide merchant and civilian ships safely around the exercise & operations areas.

Status: In development


User Group: NATO Shipping Centre (NSC)

The NATO Maritime Availability Database system for Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) is a cloud-based web application designed to enable MARCOM Staff Officers to determine, visualize, and report the future location of the Standing NATO Maritime Forces based on received messages/reports and their planned involvement in Blue exercises and operations. It will allow the gathering and filtering of information regarding various naval units’ activities.

Status: In development


Operational Users: MARCOM Staff Officers from Operations Division

NATO Operations Collection Management Bridge (NOCMB) is a platform for efficient intellection collection management, providing an opportunity to address Intelligence CM challenges innovatively, incorporating lessons from recent work with the CM community, and developing new features to connect tasks and products.

Status: On production

Client: SHAPE Mons (BE), JFC’s – JFC Brunnsum (NL), JFC Naples (Italy), JFC Norfolk (USA-VA), SSC’s – AIRCOM Ramstein (Germany), MARCOM Northwood (UK), LANDCOM Izmir

User Group: CM staff members

Tactical Coordination of Movements in the Alliance (TACOMA) TACOMA is a web application that replaces the legacy tools used by NMI for the coordination of movements. It centralizes and improves the process by implementing the complete chain of movement planning, from request to plan generation. By optimizing the resources and simplifying the coordination, TACOMA maximizes the opportunities for NMI advisors to meet with their local interlocutors.

Status: In approval process by NCIA

Client: NATO Mission Iraq (NMI)

User Group: Flexible to serve any similar mission

RoCK is a cloud-based web application solution designed to enable users to collect, manage, and analyze military capabilities data based on the NATO Nations’ Order of Battle (ORBAT).

Status: Development completed


User Group: Landcom, Aircom, Marcom, and Space, Cyber Defence and Special Forces, SHAPE, and Logistic Staff Officers

CASA is a cloud-based web application implemented to transform how NATO handles cooperative data. It acts as a centralized platform for data related to projects and events, facilitating efficient management, analysis, reporting and sharing among relevant stakeholders.

Status: On production

Client: Innovation Hub ACT

User Group: NATO ACT

Project Mercury is an open innovation education program that is targeted at innovation practitioners. It provides the framework, techniques and academic foundation to bring open innovation into our mindset

Status: In preparation

Client: Innovation Hub ACT

User Group: NATO & nations