Operational Users:


Landcom, Aircom, Marcom, and Space, Cyber Defence and Special Forces, SHAPE, and Logistic Staff Officers

Problem to Solve:

Landcom Staff Officers are in charge of gathering information on the military capabilities of nations with NATO. Currently, this is a mainly manual process that involves aggregating data from interpersonal relationships, open-source information, and classified systems. Staff Officers must sort through all data sources and formats to create a comprehensive picture of capabilities across NATO. The current method of obtaining accurate land capabilities data is slow and requires extensive manual effort. The existing process is time consuming and prone to errors. There is currently no standardized format for storing and managing military capabilities. The goal is to establish a capabilities repository capable of accommodating multiple data sources. RoCK must empower users to store, search, review, validate, and manage Land and other Forces capabilities data efficiently.

RoCK is a cloud-based web application solution designed to enable users to collect, manage, and analyze military capabilities data.

RoCK has the capability to store data from both external and internal sources. For external sources, RoCK imports data from a commercial solution that provides public military data. Internal sources include RoCK users who can add or update data within RoCK.

The implementation of RoCK would be a game-changer, not only for LANDCOM (NATO Allied Land Command) but also for other NATO Commands and the Military Forces/Services of NATO countries.

It will enhance the process, reduce the complexity of searching and finding information, and increase the efficiency and accuracy of capabilities data for all forces and services of the NATO Nations’ Armed Forces and Commands.

Essentially, it will allow for proper planning, management, and the demand for required capabilities, units to support conducted and planned NATO Missions and Operations.

  • Lightweight Application for empowering users to efficiently store, search, review, validate, and manage military capabilities data, enhancing Commander Situation Awareness: The software will be a lightweight application, easy to install, and will not demand extensive server resources.
  • Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface: The software will feature an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for operational users to navigate and utilize.
  • Minimal Training Requirement: It won’t demand advanced training, enabling new users to quickly adapt and utilize the software.
  • Immediate Operational Deployment and Use: Upon installation, the software will be immediately deployed for operational use.
  • Free for NATO: NATO Command Structures and NATO Nations.