Agile + Design Thinking

What you can expect from us

  • A collaborative attitude
  • Clear organized communication
  • Bi-weekly reviews to provide accountability and capture feedback
  • A commitment to ideation that extends beyond the obvious, exploring a wide spectrum of creative solutions

At the end of a project we deliver

  • Ready-to-release minimum viable product (MVP) with source code
  • Comprehensive project documents
  • Design assets
  • An insightful project overview
  • A vision on how to further extend the solution

What we expect from clients

We don’t need solutions or a project plan in order to start… we just need to understand your problem.

For our product to thrive, we simply need ongoing engagement from our stakeholders and users. Your valuable input and support are essential for validating our ideas.

Agile / SCRUM Methodology

  • Iterative development provides the ability to change direction easily, as requirements evolve
  • Allows for constant clarity and communication within the team
  • Efficiency is part of the process – every feature/ task is measured against the value it provides, preventing project bloat.

Design Thinking

  • Design is evidence-based; decisions support the user’s goals and needs
  • Ongoing user feedback and testing ensures usable products that delight users
  • Clean, modern user interfaces meet and even exceed users’ expectations. They are not only functional but visually appealing.

Advantages of an MVP

  • Reduce’s risk by allowing you to test your product concept in the real world before committing extensive resources
  • Allows you to validate your assumptions about your users’ behavior. This validation is crucial for making informed business decisions
  • The project should be leveraged as a learning opportunity that can inform your long term strategy