Delivering usable solutions in 6-9 months, serving the NATO alliance

  • Its FREE! Funded by the common NATO fund, projects are no cost to clients.
  • End-to-end project facilitation. Design, development, and project management is included
  • Maximize innovation. We provide you with a dedicated team of experts

“I would like to express my appreciation for the superior accomplishments by your Innovation Branch in the creation of the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) Enterprise Data Infrastructure (JEDI) programme management tool… Several programme managers expressed the desire to start using the MVP software immediately.”

The iBranch is a unique group within the NATO alliance, with the objective of developing minimum viable products (MVPs) as efficiently as possible. It is no longer sustainable for most organizations to wait 5-7 years for software. 

We produce different results because our way of working is different than traditional routes. We have talented user experience and user interface designers (the only organization in NATO), combined with Agile project methodology (this keeps us flexible). Testing and feedback from users is baked into our process to ensure the final product is intuitive and highly usable. 

Read more about our way of working, and what leads to our quick successes.

Read more about our way of working, and what leads to our quick successes.

Thoughtfully conducted discovery

Methodical and meticulous research is the foundation of our success; We dive deep into our client’s reality, with the aim to understand and optimize the critical role they play, and the challenges they face.

These discoveries serve as the bedrock for groundbreaking solutions.

User-centered design that keeps the Warfighter in focus

Every design choice, from the initial concept to the final product, is thoughtfully created, keeping the users’ needs at the forefront.

We design usable workflows and clean intuitive interfaces for any device and scenario.

Expert, efficient software engineering

Our teams of cross-functional engineers work to ensure that our software solutions are technically advanced, meet all NATO standards, and work within our client’s environment.

• The need to solve a recurring problem, big or small
• An idea to make something better, or innovate for the future

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