Innovation Hub ACT

Operational Users:


Problem to Solve:

The Innovation Hub (IH) faced the challenge to rethink the way NATO captures cooperative data (projects and events) to seamlessly initiate activities like analysis, information sharing, and reporting. The aim was to optimize processes, eliminate human errors, and establish an audit trail for captured data.

The existing manual process was time-consuming, error-prone, and lacked transparency in data capture/gathering, adversely affecting the quality of cooperation data reports. The goal was to replace this manual approach with an automated system.

The solution, CASA (Collect-Analyse-Share-Application), is a cloud-based web application designed to efficiently modify and automate the collection, storage, analysis, sharing, and reporting of data related to projects and events. CASA will streamline these processes, providing a seamless and error-free workflow.

  1. Cloud-Based Solution: CASA is deployed on the internet for to automate gathering, analysis, and reporting of corporate data from and to all NATO entities and allies. It can also be deployed on the NATO Operational Network for enhanced security.
  2. Data Capture and Collation: CASA captures data directly from all NATO entities and countries, seamlessly collating it into a single database. This enables efficient data analysis and report production.
  3. Objective: The primary objective is to automate the gathering of cooperative data, allowing activities like data analysis and reporting that are currently done manually.
  4. Scalability: CASA can handle a large number of users concurrently, ensuring effective access and utilization by NATO entities and allies.
  5. Efficiency Gains: Implementing CASA is expected to save time, reduce human errors in data collation, and create a centralized database for generating necessary reports promptly. This will enable quick access to current, required information by all NATO and Nations users.
  6. Lightweight Application, Platform for data related to projects and events and Commander Situation Awareness: The software will be a lightweight application, easy to install, and will not demand extensive server resources.
  7. Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface: The software will feature an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for operational users to navigate and utilize.
  8. Minimal Training Requirement: It won’t demand advanced training, enabling new users to quickly adapt and utilize the software.
  9. Immediate Operational Deployment and Use: Upon installation, the software will be immediately deployed for operational use.
  10. Free for NATO: NATO Command Structures and NATO Nations.