NATO  Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM)

Operational Users:

MARCOM Staff Officers from Operations Division

Problem to Solve:

Within the NATO organization, there was no software that would allow for the automatic reception of messages regarding the future presence/location of units (ships) in the required operational area, their form of support, and their automatic visualization on the map and timeline:

  • Need to have all the unit messages in a single repository.
  • Need to be aware of the unit associated form of support.
  • Needs to display the future location/area of operations of the unit.
  • Needs to display the units associated form of support in a timeline.

NATO Maritime Availability Database system for Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) is a cloud-based web application that will enable the MARCOM Staff Officers to determine, visualize and report the future location of Standing NATO Maritime Framework based on the received messages/reports and their planned involvement in Blue exercises and operations. It will allow the gathering and filtering information regarding various naval units’ activities.

NMAD will enable this by collecting and storing automated and manual messages. Based on the message information it will allow the user to visualize and update the upcoming units location and area, and their participation in specific form of support.

  • NMAD will automatically read the national massages, store them and generate the required reports and dashboards.
  • NMAD will support the operational user in managing the messages by allowing message data updates.
  • NMAD will enforce a standard format for the messages.
  • Data will be presented in a structured format.
  • The data sources that NMAD will use require the installation of NMAD software on the NATO Operational Network.
  • NMAD is Accurate and Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface Solution for visualising forthcoming presents, location of units in required operational area, and associated forms of their support: The software will feature an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for operational users to navigate and utilize.
  • Lightweight Application for Planning, Scheduling and Commander Situation Awareness: The software will be a lightweight application, easy to install, and will not demand extensive server resources.
  • Minimal Training Requirement: It won’t demand advanced training, enabling new users to quickly adapt and utilize the software.
  • Immediate Operational Deployment and Use: Upon installation, the software will be immediately deployed for operational use.
  • Free for NATO: NATO Command Structures and NATO Nations.