Problem to Solve:


The process of developing Standardisation Documentation is based currently on a ‘mandraolic’ process that requires more capacity than it exists, there is clearly a need to support Custodians of NATO Operational Standards, to streamline and improve the current process.

The main issues are the lack of time and capacity in the Working Groups to keep up to date with changes or updates in data or information and the need to be aware of all the information which might have an impact on the document development process, looking into multiple sources at once. 

The AI Content Learning Alerts and Insights Review (AI CLAIRE) is a searchable database of unclassified information pertaining to a vast number of subject matters that scans a wide variety of vetted sources for content.

Unlike searching the world wide web, AI CLAIRE distills relevant information to users in a manner that is easy to scan and alerts users when new information becomes available about a topic they have expressed interest in.

  • Powerful and accurate search feature that provides highly relevant and contextual information from the open internet pertaining to any subject of interest, as well as relevant documents.
  • Storing the information found in one tool, as bookmarks in a library, allowing the user to easily return to his interest.
  • Sending out alerts and notifications for the topics of interest and saved searches, so the user
  • Is constantly up to date with the newest information.
  • Provides a feed to the user of suggested posts or information related to his areas of interest.
  • CLAIRE is an MVP currently in testing that aims to support the custodian’s work by keeping him up to date with all the new information from open sources to NATO’s operational standardisation documents updates.