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Joint Terminal Attack Controllers, and all supervisors

Within the NATO organization, there was an inconsistency with the standardization and reliability of tracking qualification for JTACs.  

Every nation had a different way of tracking currencies. Many nations used paper or spreadsheets (or a combination of them) to track and count currencies. These methods were error-prone, time-consuming, not reliably backed up, and not easily shareable.

With JEDI, tracking of JTAC currencies and qualification can be standardized across all nations. This will improve communication within individual nations, and within NATO. JEDI offers a reliable way to access and store data, eliminating the manual work associated with calculating a JTAC’s qualification.

The JEDI MVP is a functioning demonstrator able to reliably track Controls, METLs, Designation Letters, and Evaluations.

It is a scalable solution that can be further developed by interested parties: the Innovation Hub is looking for partners from the NATO Command Structure and Allies to cooperate in the short / medium term.

JEDI assists JTACs in capturing and tracking currencies and qualifi cation:

  • Qualification status can be understood at a glance, eliminating manual counting of various expiration dates.
  • JEDI supports JTACs by reminding them of upcoming or expired currencies.
  • Tracks all currencies digitally in one place, backing them up.
  • Optimized for both desktop and mobile.

JEDI optimizes tracking of JTACs for the leadership in real time:

  • PMs can get an up-to-date organization overview from their JEDI home page.
  • PMs and supervisors can quickly see the status of JTACs they manage.