Domains Served:

Problem to Solve:


Simulation / Wargaming
Training / E-learning
Manufacturing / 3D Printing
Marketing / Communications / Graphic Design

  1. 3D designers (around NATO nations and allies) designing models for AR/VR training and simulation would like to have free/low-cost and easy access to relevant design files that others have already made.
  2. Manufacturing centers, maintenance mechanics, engineers, and others would like to have free/low-cost and easy access to models so that they can manufacture items (that include tools, parts, weapons, or architectural structures) using additive or subtractive methods.

A Community and Asset Library for Engineers, Designers, and Marketers of NATO and Allies. Intended to reduce redundant asset creation by sharing within the community.

  • Eliminate redundant asset creation
  • Store and manage assets for their own organization
  • Visually search, preview, and download assets
  • Connect with others in their domain / community