Domains Served:

Problem to Solve:

NATO Mission Iraq (NMI)

Flexible to serve any similar mission

For advisors to execute in-person engagements with Iraqi personnel, several elements must be effectively coordinated, which requires advisors, FP, and logistics. The various stakeholder cells employ legacy software tools, where all data must be manually entered. The process is personnel intensive, and there is a high probability of incorrect or missing inputs. The Movements Team must coordinate the various data inputs and tools to ensure a safe and effective advisory engagement. 

Tactical Coordination of Movements in the Alliance (TACOMA) TACOMA is a web application that replaces the legacy tools used by NMI for the coordination of movements. It centralizes and improves the process by implementing the complete chain of movement planning, from request to plan generation. By optimizing the resources and simplifying the coordination, TACOMA maximizes the opportunities for NMI advisors to meet with their local interlocutors.

The web application has been modeled dynamically to support any workflow with any roles for any at least partially similar mission.