Facilitating Open Innovation Within NATO for over 10 years

  • Future Insight: Navigating tech’s future for global impact.
  • Strategic Matchmaking: We blend innovation, best practices, and industry collaboration.
  • Real Solutions: Beyond MVPs, we tackle warfighters’ challenges head-on.
  • Mindset Catalyst: We make innovation tangible for the warfighter.

Who We Are

The Innovation Branch operates within Allied Command Transformation (ACT), headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia. Our diverse and globally dispersed team is the driving force behind our innovative endeavors.

Comprised of civilian and military personnel, our cross-functional team is a dynamic blend of talents. Each project team includes product specialists, designers, managers, and full-stack developers.

This unique combination empowers us to engage in problem-solving; from discovery and issue identification to crafting a comprehensive, working solution.

Our Team

We Serve Forward Thinking Leaders Who,
  • Who envision more efficient or open ideas, and would like to see them realized
  • Who desire to initiate big change, but need a place to start quickly, and to validate their idea to motivate further work.
  • Who have a problematic workflow, and are looking for solutions.
  • Who struggle to keep up with digital technologies and want to push forward new and existing processes.


We are funded by the general NATO fund, and therefore our projects are no cost to our NATO clients.

In addition, all completed projects and solutions are offered to all NATO entities free for use.

We accelerate NATO transformation through innovation. We make NATO more adaptable through changes in processes and mindsets.

Location of Innovation Branch,
Allied Command Transformation

7857 Blandy Road Suite 100 Norfolk

VA 23551-2490

Location of iHub

Old Dominion University Innovation Research Park
4111 Monarch Way,Suite 412
Norfolk, VA 23508


• Parking garage on 43rd and 41st Street
• 2hr free parking on 41st Street