Nora Malchin
Section Head

Making my experiences in the German Airforce, I became an engineer, facilitating and leveraging innovation in the military, supporting our warfighters at land, sea, in the air & cyber domain. The IHub is the right place to get it done.
I’m a Jiu Jitsu Brownbelt who loves to explore the Outdoors.

Jesper Bilgrau
Product Owner/ Matchmaker

I am an Innovative, forward-thinking professional with over 27 years of experience in the Army as a “Warfighter” on many levels — a certified Innovator from the US Airforce Mercury Project. For me, Innovation is the game changer in military organizations.

Karris Bryant
Product Owner/ Matchmaker

At the forefront of security & defense, I lead MVP product teams, match critical warfighter pain points with solutions, and foster U.S. partnerships in defense innovation. Beyond work, I’m a runner & rugby player, coffee enthusiast, and courtroom advocate for child protection.

Bart Hollants
Innovation Broker

I bring together theoretical and practical insights on innovation management and open military innovation. I focus on innovation as a capability, helping to foster open military innovation within NATO and the Alliance. I am a keen traveller and enjoy exploring, good food and good company.

Alberto Sousa

My cross-experience as an engineer in military, innovation, industry operations, IT, quality, and training sets me up to support IBranch as a Matchmaker. Helping solve problems for warfighters.
I’m a master swimmer, ride my motorcycle daily, and actively volunteer for various causes.

Mark Sumile
Product Owner

I’m the Product Owner for Team C and am a retired US Navy officer with decades of operations, requirements analysis, and software development experience. I’m here because of the unique opportunities both to learn and to build useful products that could actually make a difference.

Andrea Breitling
UX / Product Designer

I’ve dedicated my career to design, and my life to the arts. Within the iBranch I facilitate the design process, while designing workflows and functional UI designs.

Dragos Alexandru
UX / Product Designer

I specialize in creating digital products that enhance innovation capabilities. My goal is to create seamless interactions that leave a lasting impact on users and stakeholders. I enjoy working at IHUB because it’s a dynamic and innovative environment with talented colleagues.

Evan Skuthorpe
UX / Product Designer

I’m a father of 3, husband, world traveller, dual-national, and enthusiastic documentary photographer – actively and conceptually recording London.

Andreea Gont
UX / Product Designer

Working at the iHub has proved to be a very rewarding experience, working with a team of excellent professionals while using my expertise to design solutions that heighten the organisation’s innovation capabilities.

Piotr Wójcik
Product Manager

I’m passionate about product development and entrepreneurship. In the iHub, I’m leading the team from understanding user needs through a vision definition and MVP implementation and productization, including marketing activities.

Bretton Key

Product Owner

Being part of a team and organization that is making real-world changes and advancements is very fulfilling. Every day step towards innovation, is a step towards a brighter future not just for the Alliance, but all of us!

Eugeniu Semenciuc
Full Stack Developer

What I enjoy most about working at the HUB is the dynamic environment that constantly pushes the boundaries of technology and innovation. The opportunity to tackle new challenges and delve into more complex problems keeps my passion for software development alive and thriving.

Sedat Akel
Full Stack Developer

Proficient in the design and implementation of object-oriented software using micro-services architecture, producing software that is high performing, reliable, and of excellent quality. With so many opportunities to push oneself, Innovation Hub is an excellent place to work.

Mustafa Karabacak
Full Stack Developer

I’m passionate about integrating the latest technologies to deliver user-friendly experiences. At the iHub, the collaborative atmosphere and constant innovation keep me inspired. Outside work, I love exploring new places and staying active outdoors.