The Force Is Getting Stronger: New Member Added To The JEDI Family

In the ever-expanding universe of defense technology, the JTAC Enterprise Data Infrastructure (JEDI) stands as a beacon of innovation. JEDI is not just a digital tool; it’s a powerful force reshaping how Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) qualifications are tracked, accessed, and stored. The system goes beyond the basics, optimizing JTACs’ leadership in real time and offering stakeholders, particularly product managers and supervisors, an intuitive dashboard. This dashboard allows them to access critical data seamlessly, such as qualification statuses, expiration dates, upcoming and expired currencies, all consolidated in one place, accessible across various devices.

Recently, on the 24th of January 2024, Slovakia proudly joined the JEDI family, becoming the seventh nation to benefit from this revolutionary tool. JEDI continues to gain momentum, and stands as a testament to the collaborative power of innovation in the defense sector.