Back At It Again: Project Mercury Cohort 12 Underway

Project Mercury - Cohort 12

Exciting things from the NATO Innovation Hub! Cohort 12 has kicked off Project Mercury, marking a significant milestone since their last involvement in cohort 9. The official start, this past Tuesday, marked by the Jumpstart event at Crystal City, VA, brought together 6 dynamic teams from the US Armed forces and NATO (ACT & AIRCOM). The just under a week-long Jumpstart is a high-tempo experience, immersing participants in the Project Mercury innovation methodology and fostering team camaraderie. This in-person kickoff is vital, setting the stage for continuous collaboration. Trust and familiarity among team members are paramount, underscoring the importance of the Jumpstart to ensure a smooth journey to the project’s finish line. 

Project Mercury
Team Sync

The NATO Innovation Hub is excited to further work with Project Mercury, responding to the call for fresh perspectives on innovation and portfolio risk management. This initiative aligns with CSAF’s directive, challenging future leaders to approach innovation differently. Stay tuned as these diverse teams work towards shaping the future of military innovation!