A Seat At The Table: Chair of NATO NRFC Visits

On February 9th, the Innovation Hub welcomed Brigadier General Charlotte Wetche, Chair of the NRFC and CEO of Denmark’s defense, space, and security cluster, CenSec. Fruitful discussions centered on fostering innovation within the defense sector, exploring the OCAI/NIAG framework, and the NATO Innovation Network’s potential for collaboration. This high-level visit paves the way for exciting partnerships that enhance NATO’s security capabilities.

BG Wetche’s dual role as head of both the NRFC and CenSec highlights the valuable connection between national reserve forces and industry innovation. Her enthusiasm for the OCAI/NIAG framework, designed to assess organizational culture’s impact on innovation, suggests a shared vision for fostering agile and forward-thinking defense structures. This bodes well for future collaborations between the Hub, CenSec, and the wider NATO Innovation Network, harnessing the collective expertise of member states and industry for a more secure future.