NATO JISR (Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) authorities manage the intelligence collection process based on the requirements collected from NATO commands and member nations.

Key stakeholders decided to enhance the data models, map visualization and the response time of the current system so that they can essentially increase users’ collaboration and simplify prioritization. To put words into action, NATO ACT’s Innovation Hub went ahead and developed a tactical (Minimal Viable Product) solution known as NOCMB (NATO Operations Collection Management Bridge), to meet the business requirements and to also demonstrate how the current process can be improved strategically.

The tactical solution – NOCMB objective is to fundamentally foster the efficient collaboration of users and also demonstrate that the current bureaucratic intelligence collection process, with lots of manual steps and inefficiency, can be transformed into a modern collaborative, user friendly application.

The application – NOCMB will be part of the 5G/MDO event that will be held in Riga Latvia from 23-27 October 2023, and the lessons learned from the tactical solution (MVP) will be fed back to the INTEL-FS capability program. Ultimately, helping the NATO intelligence community to have a more dynamic intelligence collection management system that improves the collaboration between NATO entities and nations.