JEDI (JTAC Enterprise Data Infrastructure) is a digital tool that enables the tracking, accessing and storage of JTAC qualification requirements. The system optimizes JTACs leadership in real time and provides stakeholders (product managers and supervisors in particular) a dashboard that can be used to view critical data anywhere, anytime. For example, qualification status, expiration dates, upcoming / expired currencies and more are all captured in one place, and accessible across all devices.

A screenshot of JEDI Dashboard across all devices. 

JEDI was first released at the fall of 2022 as a minimal viable product (MVP) that has the ability to track controls, METLs, Designation Letters, and Evaluations.  Subsequent to user’s feedback, JEDI will serve as a prerequisite and a catalyst to capture the business requirements for a SLC (Simple, Lovable and Complete) NATO Common Funded Capability Delivery Governance Model.

Obviously, the JEDI MVP is a scalable solution that can be further enhanced by interested parties. Hence, the Innovation Hub is keen to engage interested partners from the NATO Command Structure and Allies to cooperate with relevant terms and conditions, take part in user acceptance testing (UAT), and collaborate for the future development of JEDI.

Please get in touch us on if you are interested in a demo / show and tell session.