NATO Innovation Hub were challenged with a discovery analysis report that confirmed that there’s a lack of data analytics tool to enable fast detection and reliable exploitation of open-source information and documents supporting NATO activities, such as target area analytics, without dedicated ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance). Potential cases are disaster relief efforts, stability operations, military response operations, or humanitarian missions.

Fast forward, AWARE was created to improve operational environment understanding and decision making through the capability to aggregate, enrich and visualize data from open sources facilitated by data science methods (machine learning, natural language processing and advanced analytics).

The situational awareness tool helps decision makers make informed decisions. Most analysts and users have described the AWARE solution as more than technology given its ability to collect information systematically from various relevant open/data sources online; identify and categorize possible collateral concerns and understand patterns of life in order to predict behaviors.

The graphical user interface (GUI) is user friendly, and the information are displayed intuitively. The solution connects and interacts with a good number of various data cards / sources including – Public transportation, Traffic animalities, Google maps, data for good, open street maps Air BnB and many more to ensure that the product is fit for purpose.

Furthermore, the solution adopts the fundamental steps (Perception, Comprehension and Projection) in obtaining situational awareness and captures key components (environment, individual factors etc.) required through each step of the process.