The AI Content Learning Alerts and Insights Review (also known as AI Claire) is a semantic search engine tailored to SMEs on NATO Standards. AI CLAIRE provides custodians, copy writers, and working groups a searchable database of unclassified or not classified information, based on vetted sources related to NATO Standards. 

Unlike searching the world wide web (www), AI CLAIRE scans information from a wide variety of subjects and notifies users when a new information (including documents) about a topic they have expressed interest in becomes available. Moreover, it stores the information found in one tool, as bookmarks in a library, allowing the user to easily return.

It’s powerful and accurate search feature provides relevant and contextual information from the open internet pertaining to any subject of interest, so the user is constantly updated with latest information.  The data sources are dynamic and presented in a structured format, accounting for its relevance and sources.

The solution is an MVP (minimal viable product) and designed and developed by the ACT Innovation Hub in partnership with ACT’s Data Science Section.