Anyone can compete in the open innovation events organized in the NATO Innovation Network. So doing, you contribute to solving NATO priority issues, get NATO-wide exposure and get the chance to win prizes and support for the development of your solutions. Find out about the events in which you can participate here below.
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This themed competition is seeking proposals for innovative solutions that will pull ideas from recent breakthroughs in metasurface science into products.

The competition is aimed at the private sector and academia who can harness electromagnetic hardware. DASA are particularly interested in novel metasurfaces and manufacturing technologies to integrate them in to platforms.




Hack of the Drones
28-30 Sep
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Commercial off-the-shelf, small, unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) have become ubiquitous, and the potential threat they represent in the hands of actors ranging from lone wolf terrorists to state-sponsored operatives, grows daily. We’re looking for developers, designers, and hackers from the academic, military, and commercial start-up communities to come together for a weekend to explore non-traditional, innovative methods to counter sUAS.






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USSOCOM is seeking technologies available now, under development, or anticipated to be developed in the next 3-5 years. The NGIA technology focus areas are:

•   Standoff biometrics (face, gait, other)
•   Micro/nano technology
•   Internet-connected home devices (e.g. smart TVs and appliances)
•   Metadata analysis
•   Edge computing
•   Unattended sensors
•   Autonomous vehicles
•   Long-duration power
•   Meshed networking
•   Multi-domain sensor fusion
•   Full EM spectrum detection

Technologies and concepts should address the interrelated problems of gaining/maintaining persistent access, collecting and characterizing data, and fusing data to inform decisions. Alternate means to achieve the same ends or effects will also be considered and responses are encouraged even if you have only a part of a more comprehensive solution.

Open now until Mar 2019
The Open Call is looking for innovative ideas on how we can improve the defence and security of the UK. Your idea could be a concept, product or service, at various levels of maturity.
The NATO Innovation Network is the Federation of entities or 'nodes' (from NATO and Nations) leveraging open innovation* providing mutual support, sharing best practice, issues to solve, subject matter expertise, audiences and solution proposals. The Network is a force multiplier for all its nodes, allowing problems and solutions to be considered within a global ecosystem.
*Through the process of Open Innovation, innovative ideas are collected from a wide range of people or entities not pertaining to the organization and not previously identified.
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