NATO’s Innovation Hub (IH) Reinvents Cooperate Data Management 

NATO’s Allied Command Transformation (ACT) Innovation Hub (IH) were challenged to rethink the way NATO as an organization captures cooperate data so that they can effortlessly kick off activities such as business analysis, information sharing and the reporting of data seamlessly to relevant departments and entities. Ultimately optimizing and eliminating human errors forever and having the ability to produce an audit trail on who / how / where / when and why a particular data has been captured.

NATO Innovators and Experts Create Great Solutions Together.

To make this happen, a cloud-based web application solution known as CASA (Collect-Analyse-Share) is born to significantly help modify and automate the collection of data, store, analyze, share and seamlessly report on the corporate data captured by relevant NATO stakeholders. The solution wouldn’t have been possible without NATO’s cross functional teams. 

For the record, the MVP (minimal viable product) solution proposed and delivered by the NATO’s Allied Command Transformation Innovation Hub in cooperation with and for NATO Strategic Direction South Hub, and it’s far from your average CDC (change data capture) solution. Subsequent to obtaining a security license, the solution will be deployed on the relevant NATO network to start automating the gathering, analyzing and reporting of corporate data from and to all NATO entities and allies. 

So, in the very near future, NATO stakeholders will have the ability to seamlessly streamline data into a single database, kick-off functions like data analysis, information processing, report creation and downloading required data in different formats concurrently … in near real time.  

In short, CASA is already redefining the way we work with data. Essentially, changing the mindset of key stakeholders and bringing clarity and agility in this data-driven world.

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