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All elegible individuals/teams/suppliers can register for the challenge. Each individual must register separately.

Online participation is welcome.

All entries must agree to the NATO Innovation Challenge official rules.


Each individual can only be on one team.

Teams of one are welcome. Multiple individuals can form a team.

A team can submit more than one abstract.


The NATO Innovation Challenge addresses the effects of Electromagnetic Pulse, natural or human-made, of large or localized scale. It is looking for solutions to

  • Prevent damage caused to assets and vehicles of first responders and military personnel; or
  • Mitigate the effects of the event on critical infrastructure and capabilities; or
  • Rapidly Recover capabilities lost as a result of such an event.

Concepts and prototypes of Organizational and/or Technological, solutions are welcome.

Learn more about the scenario and background

Selection et pre-selection

Based on their abstracts, teams are preselected on 1May to compete and present their solutions on Pitch Day on 30 May.

Winning teams are selected on Pitch Day.


  • Usefulness: potential impact of proposed solution on challenge topic
  • Innovativeness: genuinely new idea or an already existing solution adapted for this Challenge?
  • Feasibility: is the solution easy and cheap to develop and implement?

Rewards include,

Relevant solutions could potentially support development of future concepts, doctrine, STANAGs, user requirements, capability development, etc. stage-time at NATO-wide events.

Ask questions: for Innovation Hub account in the forum

for others through email at [email protected]