To increase interoperability and efficiency through learning at reasonable cost, NATO needs to implement a modern Online Learning Environment.
The Future NATO Online Learning Environment will
Allow any expert to become an efficient online teacher
Allow any learner to achieve one's goals without time and place constraints
Make learning supply meet learning demand
Improve NATO and nations' ability to achieve their goals through online learning
Support the implementation of a NATO lifelong learning philosophy
Develop and experiment the most innovative aspects of the NATO Future Online Learning Environment
Conduct a series of experiment in which elements of the future learning environment are explored and developed.
Experiments will be conducted in collaboration with learning institutions.


NATO Working Group
Anglo American University
Virginia Wesleyan College
World in Conversation (PSU)
Nordic Center for Gender in Operation

Products and Experiments

Cross Cultural Competence
> Facilitator Training
An advanced capability based on a world-wide network, tools and techniques operated in collaboration with Penn State University World in Conversation Center
Gathers all NATO nations' experts, teachers and learners
First ever full course on NATO in civilian universities developed in collaboration with the Anglo American University (Prague). From all over NATO, experts share their expertise through internet live video lessons
Gender Focus
First live online course with the Nordic Center for Gender in Operation
Social Media
First ever military Massive Open Online Course in collaboration with NATO nations' experts