NATO's Cohesion

NATO's Cohesion
Risks and Opportunities through 2035 and beyond

Cohesion is arguably the strategic centre of gravity of the Alliance. This study aims to understand what the risks and the opportunities to NATO’s cohesion are through 2035 and beyond. Developed in connection with the guiding document Framework for Future Alliance Operation (FFAO), the study is particularly interested in the perspective of the future young leaders. Security trends identified in the NATO’s Strategic Foresight Analysis 2017 constitute its point of departure in analyzing Alliance cohesion in the future. In the context of the rapidly changing and increasingly complex security environment, NATO nations will likely face growing nationalism and populism, which could result in widening social inequalities and polarized societies. Fractured societies are likely to have divergent threat perceptions. Lastly, inequitable sharing of the security burden may continue to damage Euro-Atlantic relations.


Project timetable

March-May: focus group in-depth discussions

31 May Online Workshop (Information and Free Registration)

May-June: online survey (Please complete the survey)

June-July: Report drafting

March 2018: FFAO publication 

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