Innovation Hub PRODUCTS


An online course for military advisors in gender related matters or human environment
Study on the Best Practices for Online Leaning and how to leverage them for NATO
An online academy providing knowledge and expertise on NATO matters on demand live from the experts to the audience beyond space.
Study operational and policy issues in order
to provide senior policy makers with guidance
on future implications of increasing autonomisation in defence capability
A concept that provides the NATO operator with simulation
functionalities whenever it is needed,
on any kind of device, and for any operational function is required

Open Online Course on safe and efficient
use of social media
for NATO and Nations'
military and defence personnel
How should NATO use Social Media?
Study identifying the trends that shape the future strategic context and derive defence and security implications for the Alliance to 2030 and beyond.

Cross Cultural Skills Development Tool
through online guided video dialogues
A body of knowledge for of the cross cultural learners, experts and decision makers.
Culture, Language and Counterinsurgency Study
Expert advice on how to understand and efficiently address the Human Aspects of specific topics.