Challenge FAQ

More questions? contact us at


Who can participate?

Anyone can individually register for the challenge. Each member of a team has to register individually


How to participate?

Before 30 Sep Create an account at and check the box “join the Innovation Challenge”
or, if you have already an account, send an email to the organizers at


How to ask questions about the challenge topics?

Ask topic related questions through email at


How to ask questions about the challenge organization?

Ask organization related questions through email at




How to submit an abstract or a solution proposal?

Through the webform
To submit bigger file contact us at


After submitting an abstract or a solution proposal can I still edit it?

You can edit a submitted abstract/solution until the close out date. Therefore, visit the webform while logged in into your account.


Can I make multiple submission?

A team can submit more than one Abstract. Only one solution can be submitted per selected abstract.


How can I check the status of my submission?

You will receive an email acknowledging the submission.


How to pitch onsite?

When preselected, the team will choose how to pitch (onsite or online)
Onsite Pitching will happen on 29 May at Ecole Militaire, Paris, France
An organizer will coordinate the details with your team representative.


How to pitch online?

When preselected, teams will choose how they want to pitch (onsite or online, or both)
Pitching will take place between 9-12 Nov 2018, at the German Defence Cyber Innovation Hub in Berlin, Germany.
Each team will have 10 minutes to pitch their solution to the jury.
A technology and connectivity test will be run some days in advance with teams that choose to pitch online.
An organizer will coordinate the details with the team representative.


What about the Intellectual Property?

Refer to the Participant Agreement.


What are the judging critera?

Abstracts and Solutions will be scored against:

  • Usefulness: potential impact of proposed solution on challenge topic
  • Innovativeness: is it a genuine idea or an already existing solution adapted for this Challenge
  • Feasibility: whether developing and implementing the solution is expensive and difficult