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NATO enterprise users & interested nations

Within the NATO organization, people are using many different apps to communicate (i.e., WhatsApp, Signal, SMS). Some of them have their weaknesses:

  • Privacy concerns
  • Unsecured communication
  • No interoperability between systems


NI2CE created and maintained by Vector Creations Limited for NATO use. It’s a fork from the well-known Element instant messaging application, with some customizations to make it better suited for defence organizations.

Product Highlights

NATO Interoperable Instant Communication Environment (NI2CE) is an open source and cross-platform instant messaging and voice-over-IP service owned by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). It allows NATO business users with access to send text, voice messages and video messages, make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other content.

Its primary purpose is to provide NATO Enterprise stakeholders with a safe messaging service. The communications management software provides a guaranteed end-to-end encryption on all communications that’s transmitted across the application on a web browser, desktop application or mobile application.

Users on the NI2CE Messenger can literally share anything from instant messages (including voice messages, pictures, documents and many other file formats), VoIP (including video) to individuals, groups and spaces, location and other content in real time.

No phone numbers required during registration, access permissions can be easily defined for groups/spaces and users can delete/remove sent messages after a delay. Ultimately, enjoying more anonymity compared to other major applications such as WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram.

The application has an automated sync. functionality as well as the capability to interface to other instant messenger platforms such as WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram and XMPP from an interoperability & resilience standpoint. 

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