Convergence of Creators at the 2023 AMCL Symposium

The Association of Marine Corps Logisticians (AMCL) Symposium is indeed an environment to find like minds that aligns with some of NATO ACT’s objectives. Not only because the themes for this year’s symposium included emerging technology, digital transformation, innovation culture & mindset, and public-private partnerships, but also because there were lots of professionals from various government organizations, academia, startups and other established companies with similar mindset committed to innovation and experimentation to elevate warfighters.

Our primary objective was to connect, share, and learn as much as possible. Ultimately, talking about what we do at NATO Innovation Hub, building and maintaining relationships with relevant stakeholders.

Lots and lots of interesting discussion on adopting the agile mindset, collaboration and communication to promote potential synergies and overcoming obstacles that hinders innovative technologies focused on defense and security. 

We’ll obviously be watching the space and looking forward to the next one because there’s no doubt that the more Symposiums of this kind are happening, the more we grow our network, collectively resolve our problems/challenges and drive the innovation today for a better tomorrow.