NATO Innovation Network

Anyone can compete in the open innovation events organized in the NATO Innovation Network. So doing, you contribute to solving NATO priority issues, get NATO-wide exposure and get the chance to win prizes and support for the development of your solutions. Find out about the events in which you can participate here below.
Upcoming Events
Open to All
Warfare is a human endeavor. Humanity’s next revolutionary leap, its co- evolution with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and becoming part of the network, will change the character of war. Convergences in nano, neuro, information, and quantum technologies will further drive this change.
1-4 Dec /17 SOFWERX / MD5 Hacking the Human Element
On 1-3 December, SOFWERX in collaboration with MD5 will host a technology hackathon (1 December), preceded by an expo focused on wearable technologies and their applications in Tampa, FL. This event will bring together practitioners, technologists, developers, academia, industry partners, and warfighters to build and demonstrate product prototypes that incorporate wearable technologies to measure, augment, and/or enhance the human as part of a system performing in austere operational environments.
DUE 17 JAN /18
The competition is looking for proposals for technologies to improve our ability to prevent explosives hidden within electrical items in hand luggage from being taken on board an aircraft.
Interested in drones, machine-learning and image recognition algorithms? Team up with other hackers at this event and use your skills to improve IED detection via commercial unmanned systems
The NATO Innovation Network is the Federation of entities or 'nodes' (from NATO and Nations) leveraging open innovation* providing mutual support, sharing best practice, issues to solve, subject matter expertise, audiences and solution proposals. The Network is a force multiplier for all its nodes, allowing problems and solutions to be considered within a global ecosystem.
*Through the process of Open Innovation, innovative ideas are collected from a wide range of people or entities not pertaining to the organization and not previously identified.
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